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"An inspirational story of transformation and redemption" - Stephen Gillen

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"A Truly Masterful Read. It will grip you to the very last paragraph." - Roseita Royce

My Books

The Monkey Puzzle Tree (2020)

by Stephen Gillen

An emotive story based on his true progression through a dark past and early years of becoming one of Britain’s most dangerous prisoners turned globally successful entrepreneur humanitarian, international peace prize nominee and philanthropist, it goes right to the heart of what makes us human and shapes our realities as people. The Monkey Puzzle Tree is not fiction. It happened. Real people did unspeakable things. Stephen’s journey took him through the brutal civil war in Northern Ireland where as a child I witnessed real hell on Earth. It took me into London’s hidden organised crime scene, and high security prisons. 

In Justice, Love & Honour (2022)

by Stephen Gillen

Based on a riveting true story of treachery, sacrifice, and a homicide known as ‘Britain’s most Iconic Police Murder’. A tale full of raw gripping emotion, glory, and redemption, this amazing story reveals the grim and breath taking journey of three men, all of the same age, each born into a different background and belief system, that destiny historically smashed together. We join them as they endeavour to overcome their connected fates. A very human story of Organised Crime, murder, escape, and revenge, it will shock and entertain you, as it traverses the worlds of desperation, high politics, and the true nature of the Human Condition.