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Stephen Gillen was born in the UK in 1971. His formative years were spent in Belfast where he witnessed the war, great violence, unrest, and traumas. When his surrogate mother died of cancer, he was sent back to England and after a succession of brutal children’s homes and having to survive in London in his early teens, he was groomed into crime, going to a detention center for the first time aged 14.

In his early twenties, he received a 17-year sentence as a “category A prisoner” serving 12 years in prison being labelled one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners. Stephen’s life path was dark, rough, and torturous.

He hit rock bottom, lost everything, he learned he had to change his mind set and actions if he wants to survive. Stephen worked hard to understand and manage his behavioral problems, anger & violence issues, addiction, mental illness, criminality, isolation, abandonment, dis-empowerment & poverty.

Stephen is the Author of two books, all of his work his true calling. His life mission is to continue improving, supporting, and elevating the hundreds of millions/billions of people worldwide who need second chances and opportunities, just as he did.

Stephen Gillen is a serial international entrepreneur in diverse industries. He is also co-founder of multi award-winning international media, branding and film/TV company Roar Media Creative Studios.

Focusing on making the world better & improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide

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