Stephen Gillen

Global Entrepenuer, Business & Life Mastery Coach & 2020 SUNHAK International Peace Prize Nominee

About Stephen

Stephen Gillen’s life journey, work creations, media career and global coaching successes have received a high level of worldwide engagement and TV, radio and film interest. In May this year he was nominated by the Secretary-General of the Universal Peace Federation and a UK peace ambassador for the prestigious “SUNHAK” International Peace Prize. Awarded in past years to presidence and other influential global dignitaries, Stephen was privileged enough to be forwarded for this honour, not just for the many humanitarian initiatives he is currently involved in, but in the category of conflict resolution and for overcoming great adversity and then focusing on benefiting and improving the lives of others.

He is a globally successful entrepreneur in the areas of business and life mastery, media/film, marketing & also sits on the board of other key companies; one being on the executive board of the global and innovative Uni Pharma – a pharmaceutical company working with revolutionary treatments in the open wound industry across Africa, USA and other territories. Very proud of the innovative & humanitarian work by this wonderful group of people, Stephen is committed to work that will alleviate the suffering and save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

With a specialist, experienced, committed & global team beside him, Stephen’s main drive and vision is to make the world better in anyways possible and improve the lives and businesses of hundreds of millions of people globally…


Public Speaking & Corporate Training

With his unique, creative and innovative life journey & globally successful training systems, Stephen has worked with (training all levels of management indepth training systems)   and been asked to speak at many events and global Companies around the world. He also,  often delivers lectures on  all and each of his innovative 9 step Transformational Leadership…

Some of his most successful and favourite talks are:

  1. Transformational Leadership.
  2. Certainty your Goal
  3. Universal Acceptance
  4. Characteristic Refinement
  5. Goal & Purpose Recognition
  6. Objective Obtainment

To book, Stephen, for any of the above, please send and email to his PA, at:


With a film in production on Stephen’s amazing life journey, countless global interviews on radio & TV and consistent successes in business and life mastery & company creation – he is the up and coming author of: “Decoding the Powerful You, Through Darkness to Light – The Secrets of Transformation and Wealth Creation…”

In contract with the top New York literary agent and having had great reviews with all the major publishers at the New York book expo this year, this highly coveted book, which details not only Stephen’s emotional life journey, but gives in depth clarity to the amazing transformational systems and meteoric success formulas which changed his life, are decoded into an easy learnable 9 step training program which is constantly achieving amazing and rapid results with people all over the world.

Business and life mastery

Programs and coaching courses include:

  1. Unraviling the Truth – (learn to engage, educate, empower, evolve & emulate)
  2. Goal & Purpose Recognition – (learn to visualise the life you want and the success systems of value, vitality & versatility)
  3. Higher Mind Integration – (learn the true power of open-mindedness, orientation, optimism & overcoming)
  4. Self-potential Realisation – (understand true learning, leadership, logic & loyalty)
  5. Collective Alignment – (know the pivotal keys to understand, unravel, be useful & be unique)
  6. Characteristic Refinement – (understand how to use powerfully the pillars of teamwork, truthfulness, transformation & thrive)
  7. Positioning & Leverage – (learn to expedite properly, influence, have stellar insight, innovation & inspiration)
  8. Objective Obtainment – (secure your goals quicker with ownership, obtain objectives clearer and understand the codes of being observant)
  9. Universal Acceptance – (realise your highest potential and life purpose with the methodologies of navigate, neutrality, networking & necessity)

There are also bespoke one to one business and life mastery coaching hours available for serious students who are tenacious, open minded and at an advanced level in their willigness to reach the highest version of themselves and have a strong desire & personal commitment to expedite their life visions and business goals…


Tel: +44 (0) 7909 620 230