What is the Resilience Code?

The Resilience Code is an educational system designed to unlock men’s greatness and help achieve their higher goals of success in life & business. It is also built to help the families and wider relationships of men who are intent on positive change. Based on the well documented experience & history of Stephen Gillen, his dark and destructive past, his meteoric transformation and International Successes. Stephen has walked many challenging paths, overcome addiction, escaped a life of crime and healed his traumatic past.

It is intensive, supportive, and specifically tailored for men, families and people with challenging pasts, trauma, addiction issues, or criminality problems, and who wish to break free from the past and other negative destructive ways of living and being.


"What is most important is what we become, not that we have fallen & may fail along the way."

- Stephen Gillen

Monthly subscription group
Fast Track Your Success
Resilience Code Academy
Build A Strong Future
1-1 Coaching
Self Mastery & Focus
Monthly subscription group
Fast Track Your Success
Resilience Code Academy
Build A Strong Future
1-1 Coaching
Self Mastery & Focus
Education System

6 Steps to Resilience

Money & Financial Security


1. Transformational work around wealth mindset.

2. Money and people, places and things.

3. Successful Life and business wealth planning.

4. Overcoming past and present money problems.

5. Rapid growth work in business and relationships.

6. Money as a strategy.

Influence & Power


1. How to build personal influence and power.

2. Strategic thinking towards success.

3. The art of strategy with people, places and things.

4. Re-focus power to successful outcomes. 

5. Rapid growth strategies.

6. Positioning and winning. 



1. Strategic thinking with people, places and things.

2. What type of man are you?

3. Strategic alliances.

4. Positioning and leverage. 

5. Clarity and leadership within teams.

6. Figure of eight – value exchange.

Ambition & Work

learn how to:

1. Achieve every goal with success.

2. Transform rapidly in life and business.

3. Transform your mindset in life.

4. Transform your mindset in business.

5. Gain clarity in life purpose and direction.

6. Re-frame the past for rapid success. 

Fear & Limiting Beliefs

learn how to:

1. Overcome fear.

2. Turn stress & anxiety into productivity.

3. Believe in one's self.

4. Heal trauma.

5. Understand the past.

6. Set personal boundaries.  

Self Management

learn how to:

1. Regulate yourself.

2. Build confidence, courage and resilience.

3. Overcome a lifestyle of crime.

4. Change negative patterns of thinking.

5. Set up an environment for success. 

6. Improve and strengthen mental health.

Conquer challenges and past trauma

Find life clarity & purpose

Build rapid growth, influence & success

Learn strategy techniques

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The Resilience Code continues to rapidly support, empower, guide, and educate men of all ages. 

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Speaking To, Supporting & Empowering Males Worldwide...

The Resilience Code continues to rapidly support, empower, guide, and educate men of all ages. If you are someone who overcomes your personal circumstances of trauma, poverty, confusion, addiction, a life of crime, underachieving, or not being able to find or develop the strength, skills, or confidence you need to progress with your life and make it a success; or if you are an already achieving male, an executive or business owner, or successful and wish to strengthen and further quickly explode your life & career to the next needed levels – you’ve come to the right place.

Join the hundreds of other males Stephen has helped

I would like to thank Stephen for giving my mother a warm and happy place. I was even treated as one of them while taking their service.

Lorry Melon

Thank God I found Homestead on time. I was able to give my elder family member a loving home which I could not give. Thanks to the Homestead community to help him go.

Steve Smith

One of the best elder caregivers in the town. I loved their behaviour and how they treat people in general.


Amazing service and even more impressive behaviour. I liked their management system and how they treat the elders. . Ut enim ad minim


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The Uniqueness of "The Resilience Code" Journey

Using a combination of consistently innovative, VIP member’s content, literature, workbooks, exclusive live & private coaching opportunities, seminars, and interactive training sessions, events & seminars & VIP subscription groups giving personal access to Stephen Gillen, his contacts and opportunities to be involved in many media, film, TV and other valuable business projects, join the extended family & friends you’ve searched for and always needed and get the focused support, guidance and massive opportunities that will make the difference to your life and career you need.
Stephen Gillen “A Standalone Expert & Figure in Rapid Life  & Business Transformation”
“You can only go to a depth with someone in experience and a successful solution as far as you’ve gone yourself before,” is one of Stephen’s mantras. He also hates that so many people out there profess to be something and do have not the authority or skills to really help people and work with them to make the important changes in their lives they need. “It is a massive responsibility, “ he says. “And duty and a privilege, to pull people over the challenges and empower them to be more than they ever thought possible. To understand and overcome the unmovable traumas & difficulties you have – and walk with them till they explode into the people they were always meant to be!”


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Bio & Achievements

Stephen Gillen, after being born in the UK & taken to the height of the troubles in Belfast as a baby where he witnessed the war and great traumas till age 9 when his surrogate mother died of cancer, was then sent back to England. After a succession of brutal children’s homes and having to survive in London in his early teens, he was groomed into crime, going to prison firstly aged 14 elevating quickly into organized crime as a senior criminal in Londons East End, receiving a 17-year sentence as a category A prisoner serving 12 years in prison being labeled one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners.


During his early life and this period, Stephen overcame his behavioral problems, anger & violence issues, addiction, mental illness, criminality, isolation, abandonment, dis-empowerment & poverty. His life story, written in his bestselling book “The Monkey Puzzle Tree” is being made into a major film, in 2019 he was nominated for an International Peace Prize and is a leading Transformation Expert & Author, an executive producer, an Internationally successful entrepreneur in many fields and CEO of Roar Media Creative a successful and multi-award winning Digital media, brand, and TV/Film Production Company.

"To have lived it is to know it. To have overcome it and succeeded beyond all expectations is to have conquered it, not just for yourself, but for others."

- Stephen Gillen

The Blueprint Men have always been looking for to overcome their internal difficulties & demons.

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