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The Worlds Protective High-Performance &
Self-development, Life & business Content for 2021

As we face the never before seen challenges of 2021 and as global social & economic systems are crumbling and transitioning it has never before been so pivotal that we have the needed support and innovative answers, not just to keep our families and current lifestyles protected, but to strengthen every part of our lives and business as we navigate into this unknown and uncertain future.

Stephen Gillen’s life story, transformation, and global entrepreneurial success in many industries continue to receive massive National & International Press. An Awarded Peace Ambassador, last year nominated for an International Peace Prize he has overcome and solved great adversity in his life. In The Big, Shift get the full support, information, guidance, hacks, promotions, and latest valuable content never before aired on all areas of Stephen’s Life & business. And get the latest consistent exclusive content in self-development, current issues, business, finance, entertainment, and the world’s top influencers and experts as Stephen interviews them on the important topics.


Learn how to put your past behind you & build a highly successful future
Get the right life & business Support in 2021

  • Hear exclusive content from the worlds top influencers & experts
    Get 1-hour free coaching with a top globally successful life & business mentor
    In these uncertain times get the answers you need from real people
    Learn how to protect and successfully upscale your life & business in 2021
    Get the life & business opportunities you’ve always needed
    Be part of an influential global network that will stand beside you
    Get free content, opportunities, newsletters, tickets, introductions & gifts
    Get the influential introductions you need in any area of life & business


1) How to put your past behind you & build a Highly Successful future

Sub-groups video content segments for (1) – The challenges & Solutions for 2021, How to Reinvent & reposition your life and business, Man up & change the game, How to strengthen pivot and capitalize on now.

2) Transformation & relationships

Sub-groups (2) Forging successful relationships, Relationships in personal life, Relationships in business, harnessing the power of the masculine & feminine.

3) From the worst to the best

Sub-groups (3) Overcoming Adversity, Profile building, How to Become a Key Person of Influence, How to Win in Life & Business

4) The Secrets of successful living

Sub-group (4) Rewiring yourself for success, The secrets of successful internal engeneering, creating high-performance boundaries, How to encode the successful purpose in you.

5) Setting up a winning business

Sub-groups (5). Starting up correctly, The secret sauce for consistent success, How to shape the winning idea, How to create and monetize your ideas quickly.

6) High-Performance in life & Business

Sub-groups (6) How to keep winning, How to become a global brand, How to Become an influencer & Key Person of Influence, How to become high-performance in life & business

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