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Brand, Business Build & Broadcasting

Express Yourself Powerfully to The People That Matter at The Right Time!

It’s your time 2020 is a potent year; it offers opportunistic and exciting times for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Creatives where the web connects us all at the speed of light! 

Business now thrives online and offline – it is simple and well organized. Value prepositions that convert are the core of today’s successful trading delivering the best products, services and best business practices brilliantly when created insightfully, timely and professionally… 


Stand out boldly Your Brand needs to be professionally created to translate and convert in the right ways. It is not just what the world sees, your calling card, your front of house – but your big idea, your culture, your lifestyle, it can be bigger than you imagine also creating your legacy! 

We make it easy for you to work with us – keeping you ahead, constantly getting everything you need ready for you to create, convert, sell and broadcast your brand! This is your time, make the difference you have always wanted, take the needed innovative lead and invited more success into your world! 


Be with the eagles We position our clients in the most potent ways, giving them the important edge they need to claim more of their markets, stay ahead of their competitors, expedite their businesses & visions in all areas, and procure consistent sales, also creating an industry leader profile and a polished business reputation for high quality work so they can continue growing, expanding and upscaling. 


Make it happen We do this with our expert and proven high quality branding, marketing, profile development, media & broadcasting formulas that put you at the top where you need to be and keep you there!

Great Ideas! Asset Creation! Big Results! 


Brand Audit, Brand Architecture, Brand Identity Document Creation, Design Brand Elements Auditory & Visual.
Name, Colour Pallete, Logo, Font Choices, Brand Sound, Slogan, Character & Culture, Graphic Design & Design, Marketing Material Design, Packaging, Book Design, Interior & Lighting Design


Clarity & Direction Document Business Build Framework
Brand Integration & Development Financial Modelling Company Structuring HR Planning Advertising & Marketing Integration Methodology Design Systemizing & Monetizing Framework Investment & Funds Procurement


URL – Website Design & Hosting Media Platforms On-line Magazine, Brochure, Slide-Decks etc Image Creation – Photographs & CGI Photo Shoots – Location & Studio
Film Making: Advertising/Commercials, documentary, Feature Film, Music Video, Trailers, Educational Film for Online... Sound Design: Brand Sound & Film Music


Marketing Champaign Architecture Systematic Marketing Live & Automated Events Creation & Management
Media Packs Press Release Tabloid Content Placement Content Placement & Bookings Public Speaking Bookings Radio & TV Bookings Publishing – Books, Literature & Magazines



Business Mastery

1) Business Management

2) Leadership Development

3) Brand Clarity

4) Marketing Profiling

5) Media Training

6) Profile Development

7) Financial Negotiation

8) Public Speaking

Life & Relationship Mastery

1) Commincation Training

2) Negotiation Skills

3) Positioning & Leverage Planning

4) Time Management & Lifestyle

5) Reframing

6) Confidence Building

7) Team Building

8) Couple Coaching

Private or group sessions can be booked separately, by the hour or negotiated as part of a bespoke business package